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Regulations Needed to Identify Potentially Invasive Biofuel Crops
If the hottest new plant grown as a biofuel crop is approved based solely on its greenhouse gas emission profile, its potential as the next invasive species may not be discovered until it's too late....
Spinach Leads to Alternative Energy More Powerful than Popeye
Spinach gave Popeye super strength, but it also holds the promise of a different power for a group of scientists: the ability to convert sunlight into a clean, efficient alternative fuel....
Why is Bioenergy Important?
BBSRC has supported world-leading bioscience for over two decades. In a series of articles during its 20th anniversary, we will be exploring a variety of ways that BBSRC helps to deliver impact from research. In this article we look at bioenergy....
The Changing Picture of Corn Ethanol Profitability
Based on our economic model of a typical northern Iowa ethanol plant, the ethanol supply chain has continued to be profitable although the profits are now accruing to the ethanol producer rather than the corn farmer, writes Don Hofstrand, retired Iowa...
Potential of Microalgae as a Feed Ingredient
Defatted microalgal biomass, a by-product from biofuel production, has potential as a new and sustainable feed ingredient for pigs, laying hens and broilers, according to Cornell University researchers. ...
Making Money from Lignin: How to Improve Lignocellulosic Biofuel Biorefining
When making cellulosic ethanol from plants, one problem is what to do with a woody agricultural waste product called lignin. The old adage in the pulp industry has been that one can make anything from lignin except money....



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