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Multi-year trial of corn and crop rotation from drone's view
Since 2009 a trial has been held in Lelystad in which different crop rotation and tillage systems are compared. This year, drone recordings will be made for the first time. The photo gives an overview of the field before the start of the 2020 growing...
Robust and biodiverse silage maize cultivation
Snijmais plays a prominent role in the Dutch landscape, the crop is grown on more than 200,000 hectares. ...
Flood-tolerant crops for the future climate
A flood can ruin a potato harvest in just 24 hours. However, by understanding the plant's defence mechanisms against flooding, it is possible to create more flood-tolerant crops that can withstand flooding....
Climate-smart agricultural practices increase maize yield in Malawi
Climate change creates extreme weather patterns that are especially challenging for people in developing countries and can severely impact agricultural yield and food security. ...
Maize–legume project a double win in Africa
Instead of carrying out the back-breaking work of hoeing a field by hand in preparation for sowing, an estimated 484,000 farmers across seven countries in eastern and southern Africa have adopted reduced tillage, cutting their time spent in manual labour...
Turned-down temperatures boost crops’ penchant for production
Drought and heat put stress on plants and reduce grain yield. For some farmers, irrigation is the answer. Many of us assume the practice boosts crop yields by delivering soil water, but it turns out irrigation’s cooling effect on crops is important...



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