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Turned-down temperatures boost crops’ penchant for production
Drought and heat put stress on plants and reduce grain yield. For some farmers, irrigation is the answer. Many of us assume the practice boosts crop yields by delivering soil water, but it turns out irrigation’s cooling effect on crops is important...
Cover crops and SCN: What’s the connection?
Iowa farmers are using cover crops for erosion control and soil nutrient and pest management in their fields. There are two aspects of cover crops that relate to the biology and management of the soybean cyst nematode (SCN)....
Compressed Air and Grit to Shred Small Annual Weeds
It can take real grit to control tenacious weeds. Although determination is an important attribute in farmers, Agricultural Research Service agronomist Frank Forcella is counting on grit of another kind in his approach to battling weeds....
Identifying Stink Bug Attractant Helps Decipher Solutions
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers have deciphered the chemical signals the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) uses to attract other stink bugs, opening the door to development of traps and technologies that should help keep the invasive pest...
Why is Bioenergy Important?
BBSRC has supported world-leading bioscience for over two decades. In a series of articles during its 20th anniversary, we will be exploring a variety of ways that BBSRC helps to deliver impact from research. In this article we look at bioenergy....
Time to Scout for Palmer Amaranth
Planting progress may have been slowed by the recent precipitation, but weed emergence continues despite wet field conditions....



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