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Zambia: Plant the Right Seed for High Yields, Urges Expert

06 January 2012

ZAMBIA - Small-scale famers in the country should ensure they plant relevant certified seed varieties if they are to enhance crop production, a seed breeder has advised.

Various disparities exist in terms of maize yields between commercial and small-scale farmers in the country, which some stakeholders say has contributed to dismal performance of the Farmers’ Input Support Programme (FISP), reports the Times of Zambia.

Herbert Masole, a head breeder at Seed-co said the small-scale farmers were supposed to follow the necessary steps for them to record high yields.

Mr Masole observed that the gap between the commercial and small-scale famers in terms of yields was wide hence, the need for the small scale producers to follow steps and planting the right seed.

"In most cases you find that the commercial farmer produces more than 10 tonnes of maize per acre while the small scale farmer records less than two tonnes per acre which should not be the case," he said.

He also said small-scale famers should plant certified seed instead of the recycled ones which he said had the potential to breed pests.

He said most farmers, especially small scale ones believe if they planted seeds big looking seeds, they would produce big corns but that this was not the case.

Mr Masole said weeding was also an important factor in the maize production chain as it helped the plant to enjoy soil nutrients to produce quality corn.

He said harvesting at the right time was also an important factor to avoid crop invasion by pests.

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