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Alpcot Agro: Final Harvest Report 2011

09 January 2012

GLOBAL - Alpcot Agro reports the final harvest figures for 2011. The total harvest of crops for sale in 2011 amount to about 279,800 tons gross weight across 91,400 harvested hectares.

Alpcot Agro has in total harvested 279,800 tons of crops for sale, 190,500 tons in the Russian mainland (Kursk, Lipetsk, Tambov, Voronezh, Volgograd and Kurgan Oblasts), 25,100 tons in Kaliningrad and 62,200 tons in Ukraine. All weight figures are in gross weight, before cleaning and drying.

The most important crops in terms of harvested volume is winter wheat, 119,000 tons with an average yield of 2.9 ton/ha, Corn, 47,300 tons with an average yield of 8.3 ton/ha and Sunflower, 36,600 tons with an average yield of 2.3 ton/ha. For details of yields per crop and region please see the table below.

The harvest season has been extraordinary long this year due to very wet conditions throughout the fall. The wet conditions has also meant a higher humidity content of the crops than in a normal year, which means that the cleaning and drying losses are somewhat higher than in a normal year.

About 500 hectares of corn in Kursk oblast has not been harvested as of the year end but the Company is confident that it can be harvested without significant loss during the early part of 2012, and is estimated to yield about 3,000 tons gross weight.

The winter planted crops are in good condition. The end of 2011 has seen relatively mild weather and higher than normal temperatures in Russia.

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