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Get on the Right Track with The UK Pesticide Guide 2012

19 January 2012

UK - The latest edition of The UK Pesticide Guide is now in stock and is described as a "must-have" reference book for anyone using, or advising on, pesticide products in the UK market.

Since EC Regulation 1107/2009 came into force in June 2011 changes to pesticide approvals are now in place and must be complied with. The launch of The UK Pesticide Guide 2012 is therefore a timely reminder to pesticide users of the products that can be legally used. It will also help with some prudent planning for the forthcoming spray season.

“This year’s guide shows that many existing products have now been issued with revised expiry dates and some, which were due to expire, have now been granted extensions. This is all good news for farmers and growers,” says Mr Martin Lainsbury, editor of The UK Pesticide Guide.

“However, on the downside, a number of products have been lost so this edition will identify what products can still be legally used and what must be safely disposed of from pesticide stores.”

This latest edition includes a listing of Products Also Registered (PAR) – as of mid-October 2011 when the book went to press – this makes search queries and PAR identification quick and easy.

There are also hundreds of new SOLAs – essential for the protection of less mainstream crops, the introduction of a variety specific herbicide in oilseed rape and a number of new active ingredients and mixtures. Each active ingredient entry has a classification on its mode of action – which is important for resistance management. And for people who are concerned with transporting pesticides there is valuable information provided on the UN Numbers, Transport Code and Packaging Group – vital for Emergency Services faced with a pesticide emergency.

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