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Dow AgroSciences SmartStax® Continues Corn Rootworm Control

20 January 2012

US - New 2011 data from university field trials reinforce that Dow AgroSciences SmartStax® continues to provide effective control of corn rootworm (CRW). Data from 31 trials conducted over five years show that SmartStax protects corn from CRW more effectively than hybrids with single-mode-of-action traits and non-Bt hybrids.

Dow AgroSciences SmartStax also shows a yield advantage under moderate to heavy insect pressure.

“The multiple modes of action in SmartStax provide the broadest level of insect protection available. New data from 2011 shows the consistent control the trait package provides against corn rootworm,” says Cole Hansen, traits marketing manager, Dow AgroSciences. “The data, which includes university trials, reinforces the consistency of performance and shows how SmartStax continues to effectively control insects and keep damage from reaching economic thresholds.”

Consistent rootworm control

By targeting CRW with multiple modes of action, SmartStax® improves control and helps fight insect resistance by targeting key insects at two areas of the midgut.

Five years of data, including new 2011 data, reveal Dow AgroSciences SmartStax hybrids consistently control corn rootworm and keep damage below 0.25 on the Iowa State University node injury scale of 0 to 3 under moderate to heavy corn rootworm pressure (Figure A).

“Yield loss can occur when node ratings are 0.25 or greater, and lodging is possible at ratings of 1.0 or greater,” says Dwain Rule, biology team leader, Dow AgroSciences. “SmartStax is consistently rated below economic injury thresholds, protecting yield potential and preserving the integrity of the technology even under heavy rootworm pressure.”

The five-year average of combined data show Dow AgroSciences SmartStax hybrids had an average rating of 0.06 on the Iowa State University node injury scale, while non-Bt hybrids received an average rating of 1.37 (Figure B). Data includes Dow AgroSciences trials and results from 11 universities.

Figure B

Protected yield

SmartStax helps growers achieve higher whole-farm yield by protecting the yield potential of corn plants from yield-robbing insects like CRW. Two years of Dow AgroSciences internal trials at nine locations in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota show that under moderate to heavy CRW pressure, yield can be reduced by approximately 30 bu./A on unprotected corn acres (Figure C).

Figure C

“Even in the absence of other pests, corn rootworm can devastate the yield potential of a field,” Rule says. “SmartStax provides two modes of action to fight against corn rootworm, protecting yield and a grower’s bottom line.”

The multiple modes of action in SmartStax® protect corn from the broadest-spectrum of above- and below-ground insects, while preserving trait durability. The same insect protection of SmartStax is available in Dow AgroSciences Refuge Advanced® powered by SmartStax, a single-bag solution to ensure refuge compliance on the acres where it is planted in the Corn Belt.1

Dow AgroSciences offers SmartStax and Refuge Advanced through its seed companies, including Mycogen Seeds, Brodbeck Seeds, Dairyland Seed, Hyland Seeds, Pfister Seeds, Prairie Brand, Renze Seeds and Triumph Seed.

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