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Winter Wheat Development Ahead of Normal

05 June 2012

CANADA - The executive manager of Winter Cereals Canada expects this year's winter wheat harvest to be underway by the third week of July, reports University News.

The mandate of Winter Cereals Canada is to promote the cultivation of winter wheat, fall rye and winter triticale, and manage the levy which is collected to fund research conducted by the various research organizations including governments and universities.

Winter Cereals Canada executive manager Jake Davidson reports farmers he's talked with are reporting winter wheat crops have come through the winter in excellent condition, plants are already forming heads and growers expect to be harvesting by the third week of July.

Jake Davidson, Winter Cereals Canada, said:

"The yield potential of winter wheat in particular is usually a good 25 percent better than a typical spring wheat stand.

In Manitoba south of Winnipeg there are people that brag of crops well over 125 bushels to the acre. Out where I live in the north of Brandon area it's not uncommon for people to phone up and say they've had 80 bushel crops. Everything is going for us.

Personally I would like to see a week of the temperature getting up so there's some growth because the up and down I think is a little hard on us but if we could have a week of 20 degrees without some rain I think we'd really see this crop booming.

If we get a decent summer, if we don't get hail storms that wipe everything out and everything else that Mother Nature can do.

We've got two things going. If she starts raining in late July and beginning of August to mess up our harvest or, for next year, if she starts raining on us in the last week of August, the first two weeks of September, that'll give us a kick for next year but so far everything is doing good."

Davidson says everywhere he's traveled he's seen really strong, healthy looking crops that have been doing very well so we've got really high hopes for a good crop this year.

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