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NCGA Conference: Corn Experts Focus on Technology for Utilisation

07 June 2012

US - At the 2012 Corn Utilisation and Technology Conference, which began Monday evening in Indianapolis, researchers from around the country are talking about the versatility of corn and the importance of technology to make the most of our country's number one commodity crop.

"There's a tremendous opportunity to hear about some of the new technology coming on board," said National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer. "Innovation and technology have led us from a culture of scarcity to one of abundance. We need to share that with the world, and to do that, we need research."

Kicking off the event with a keynote address was Dr Michael Ladisch, director of the Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, where he and his colleagues address topics in bioprocess engineering as they apply to bioenergy, bioproducts, biorecovery and bionanotechnology. Dr Ladisch has authored 150 journal and proceedings papers and has issued and applied for 14 patents.

In an interview featured on the NCGA Corn Commentary blog, Dr Ladisch said some of the most exciting things happening in research right now are advances in cellulose conversion and understanding how enzymes and micro-organisms are able to convert things like corn stalks to things like ethanol and sugars. "What we're now doing is applying this to corn. As a consequence it will make corn processing more efficient but also open up avenues for making new products, high value products, from the corn kernel."

Tuesday's sessions looked at enzymatic technology, advanced biofuels, aflatoxin biological control, biorefineries, new uses for starch, new processing technology, aflatoxin genetics, corn genetics, new products from dry grind and aflatoxin cultural controls. On Wednesday, participants discussed biopolymers, water usage, aflatoxin mitigation, government regulations, new uses and mycotoxin research.

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