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Float System Cultivation a Success

12 June 2012

SRI LANKA - The use of floats for cultivation of various crops has proved very successful at yielding significant harvest.

This system was introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka by the Godagama Agro Association in Matara for cultivation activities under the Nilwala Ganga scheme.

Under this system floats are made on the structures of barrels or bamboo poles by filling them with soil for about three feet and cultivation is undertaken on these floats.

Due to brackish nature of the soil in most part of the Nilwala Ganga scheme owing to sea water seeping into the land areas, it became necessary to undertake this experiment and it has proved successful.

The brackish soil is removed for about three feet and on which the floats are placed. The soil thus removed is allowed to wash away in the rain water in order to decrease the salt content in the soil and the same soil is used for the floaters.

Farmers of the Nilwala Ganga scheme said that this float cultivation also protect their cultivation from floods which is a perennial problem they face due to low lying lands.

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