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Moth Pesticide Approved For First Time in Brazil

20 May 2013

BRAZIL – Pesticide guidelines are being issued by the Ministry of Agriculture to help Bahian farmers apply Enamectin Benzoate to safely treat Cotton Ballworm.

Official approval of the pesticide has been granted for certain pre-defined areas lying in the west of Bahia around the city of Barreiras.

The decision comes after the pest Helicoverpa armigera has caused extensive damage to soybean and cotton crops.

Estimations put the financial impact of the pest in the Bahia region at 2 billion reals.

This is the first time Enamectin Benzoate will be used in Brazil and the Ministry has warned farmers about the health risks the chemistry poses to both themselves and the environment.

The guidelines have been officially released, which read as;

  • Do not spray in presence of strong wind or during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Apply  the spray no less than 100 metres from rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, wetlands or floodplains
  • Observe and abide by recommended doses
  • Do not perform aerial applications of pesticides in areas located closer than 500 metres to settlement
  • Do not spray within 250 metres of public water supplies, other crops, animals or any other wildlife susceptible to damage from the pesticide
  • Anyone found in breach of guidelines will be prosecuted.

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