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Indications Good for Yield in Russian Harvest

Indications Good for Yield in Russian Harvest

20 August 2013

ANALYSIS - The prospects for Russia’s grain harvest this year are good, with the main grain producing areas reporting large harvests, fulfilling predictions earlier this year that the wheat harvest could be 38 per cent higher this year compared to 2012 at 52.1 million tonnes, writes Chris Harris.

At a meeting last week in Pskov with the Federal Minister of Agriculture Nikolai Fyodorov, it was report that, to date, the country has gathered in more than 47 million tonnes of grain, which is 5.2 million tonnes more than at the same time last year.

The prospects for next year are also looking good, depending on the weather conditions, as in the main crop belt land has already started preparations for winter planting this autumn.

However, while the prospects for the final yields from the Russian harvest in the main crop producing areas are looking good, the area to the east on the Chinese border in the Amur Oblast has seen severe floods that have destroyed thousands of hectares of crops.

The region is reporting that 504,500 hectares of crop lands have been affected, including 95,500 hectares of soybeans.

It is estimated that the total cost of the losses to agriculture in the Amur region will be around 2.7 billion rubles, with the losses through the destruction of the soybean crop a little over 2 billion rubles.

The reports from some of the main crop producing areas all indicate good prospects for the harvest this year and yields well above last year.

In the Pskov region, the chief of the state department for agriculture, Nikolai Romanov, said that the harvest should be completed by early September provided the weather conditions remain good and the grain harvest should yield between 48,000 and 51,000 tonnes.

In the Belinsky Penza region more than 100,000 tonnes of grain has already been harvested and last week the local agriculture minister, Edward Katashoy said that half of the grain and legume crops had been harvested.

In the Ulyanovsk region 55 per cent of the crops had been harvested and the harvest is expected to be completed by the end of August with more than 583,500 tonnes of grain.

The Volgograd region, which contains the breadbasket of the Russian grain production, 2.5 million tonnes of grain have been harvested and the average yield Is 17.1 cwt per Hecate compared to 16.7 cwt last year. However, some districts within the Volgograd region have been yielding nearly 31 cwt per hectare.

Last week, the ministry in the region said there was still a little time to go before the harvest was completed but when it was over it expected the total harvest to yield 2.8 million tonnes.

In Bryansk, the director at the department of agriculture for the region said that a total of 226,000 hectares or 74 per cent of the land had been harvested. In all, a total of 491,000 tonnes of grain have been harvested.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

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