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Prospects for 2013 Liberia Rice Crop Unfavourable

29 August 2013

LIBERIA - Satellite imagery indicates erratic rains with below average precipitation and poor vegetative growth in several parts of the country.

Harvesting of the 2013 paddy crop, virtually the only cereal grown in the country, is about to start, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of December, reports the FAO.

The unfavourable weather conditions may have affected rice and cassava yields.
An above-average harvest was gathered in 2012, owing to favourable climatic conditions in the main rice growing regions.

The 2012 rice production was estimated at 289 000 tonnes, similar to the 2011 good output and 3 percent above the average of the previous five years.

Lower rice prices favour access to food

The adequate harvest position, coupled with declining rice prices on the international market, has led to lower domestic prices.

Imported rice prices in June 2013 were up to 24 percent lower than a year earlier. The Government has preserved the suspension of rice import tariff to maintain lower market prices.

Liberia is highly dependent on rice purchased on the international market. A n estimated three-fourths of the national cereal consumption requirement, put at about 400 000 tonnes, is covered by imports.

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