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Crops in North Indian Coastal Districts Take Beating Due to Downpour

Crops in North Indian Coastal Districts Take Beating Due to Downpour

29 October 2013

INDIA - Farmers in the north coastal region who were already reeling under the affect of the recent Cyclone Phailin are facing heavy rains.

The Times of India reports that nearly 20 per cent of crops have been damaged in the past week with Srikakulam being the worst affected.

Officials of agricultural and horticulture departments are collating reports of damage to various crops in the three districts.

In Srikakulam, more than 7671 hectares of horticulture land was affected by both Phailin and the rains that followed soon after.

Agriculture department sources said nearly one lakh hectares of crop were inundated, out of which 80,000 hectares was paddy. In the cyclone, more than 5079 hectares of coconut, most of it in the Udhanam belt of the district, 283 hectares of banana, 929 hectares of cashew, 1598 hectares of vegetable crops were inundated.

In Visakhapatnam, the damage to agricultural crop extended over 10 per cent of the planted area, while 1000 hectares of horticultural plantations got hit, which pegged the losses at Rs 3 crore.

More than 1,41,918 hectares of paddy got inundated, while 3,981 hectares of sugarcane, 1212 hectares of cotton, 107 hectares of maize, 102 hectares of green gram, 250 hectares of red gram, 400 hectares of rajma and 36 hectares of ground nut were inundated.

Speaking on the losses, joint director, agriculture, K Lakshman Rao observed, "I cannot peg the losses at a particular figure, because the report as on today is preliminary. However, it is definitely extensive."

Reports of damage were mostly from the southern portion of the district towards East Godavari. The vegetable crop destroyed was chiefly from the Agency areas such as Paderu and Araku.

In Vizianagaram, the damage was relatively less in comparison but paddy was the worst hit with more than 2027.2 hectares under water while 1328.9 hectares of maize, 1619.2 hectares of cotton, 52.2 hectares of sugarcane, 140.4 hectares of green gram, 2.5 hectares of ragi, 1.4 hectares of korra and 30.8 hectares of ground nut suffered damage.

Agency mandals such as Pachipenta were the worst hit. Korra Appala Naidu, a cotton farmer from Kesali village, said, 'All my 18 acres of cotton went down the drain. I do not really know how to recover my losses. All the while I was worried about the pests."

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