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China Largest Importer of Brazilian Ag Products

China Largest Importer of Brazilian Ag Products

31 March 2014

BRAZIL & CHINA - Brazilian foods are welcomed and loved by Chinese consumers and have been for while.

According to the Brazilian Agriculture and Brazilian Fisheries Department’s latest data, for the first time last year, the EU has been surpassed by China in becoming Brazil’s largest export country of agricultural products.

China’s agricultural imports from Brazil totaled US$22.88 billion, with an increase of US$4.91 billion from 2012, reports Fresh Plaza.

Why are Brazilian agricultural products popular with the Chinese? The reason lies not only in its diversity, but also in its high quality.

Brazilian agriculture and animal husbandry is very developed and is one of the main producers in the world of; coffee sugar, citrus, corn, chicken, beef, tobacco, soybeans. Exporting to countries such as the US, Japan, China, Belgium, etc.

Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere’s tropical climate zone, an area of vast plains, arable fertile land rich in resources. Brazilian agriculture is constantly developing and moving forward. Brazil foods are extremely outstanding in both quality and quantity.

The Brazilian government has given great importance to its agricultural development. Data shows that agriculture and animal husbandry accounted for 22.5% of Brazil's GDP, exports of agricultural and livestock products accounted for nearly 40% of Brazil's exports.

In recent years, Brazil has continued to increase its investments in scientific and technological innovations in agriculture, to improve agricultural production efficiency.

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