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New Portable Biogas Plant for Domestic Use

10 June 2010

SRI LANKA - J. H. Srimal Tissera of 98/1, ‘Samantha’, Siddhamulla, Piliyandala has invented an environment-friendly portable domestic compact biogas plant which is very handy for household use.

Mr Tissera, a past pupil of Thurstan College, Colombo who is no scientist but an ordinary layman claims that his invention perfected through trial and error is more sophisticated but economical than the normal biogas unit for it uses household garbage including waste food as feedstock rather than dung/manure. He says the starchy or sugary feedstock used for this unit can include waste grain flour, spoilt grain, overripe or mishaped fruit, non edible seeds or fruits, green leaves, leftover food, paper pulp or other kitchen waste.

Only about two kilograms of raw material to obtain a daily supply of biogas through this new system, reports Sri Lanka's Daily News. Once the raw material is transferred into the system, it takes only three days for the anaerobic reaction within to be completed as opposed to 40 days with the conventional system. It is so compact that it resembles a small refrigerator where as a normal biogas unit which occupied about four cubic metres space in a kitchen.

The system includes a large tank, a pipe through which the raw material and initially the bacterial culture can be transferred to the system, an outflow tract through which liquied compost can be obtained as a byproduct and a gas holder on top of the tank with a pipe through which gas can be extracted. This pipe can be connected via tubing to a cooker to obtain an energy efficient clear blue flame.

The new system will be a great saving and subsitute for LP gas and firewood and kerosene which release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Mr Tissera’s invention was exhibited at the Deyata Kirula exhibition in Pallekelle last eyar by the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.

Mr Tissera says the biogas plant can be used in hotels, hospitals, schools, wildlife park bungalows and security forces and police camps and quarters as well.

Mr Tissera who has patented his invention is looking for a state or private sector sponsor to produce the system on a mass scale for the benefit of the public.

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