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How to Get Higher Yielding Barley with Greater Black-grass Suppression

09 July 2014

UK - Black-grass is a major problem in autumn sown arable rotations where winter wheat is the primary crop.

Black-grass brings with it many challenges, especially as the majority of it now develops within crops rather than before sowing, making it much more difficult to eradicate.

With herbicide resistance widespread, a different approach is needed to resolve the issue.

To find a way to tackle this problem ADAS and Syngenta have been running trials to investigate the capability of hybrid barley to supress black-grass compared with winter wheat.

From looking at these results ADAS have been able to find some clear differences between black-grass numbers in the hybrid barley and wheat plots; with fewer black-grass plants in the hybrid barely plots.

In addition to this these black-grass plants also have less tillers and seed heads.

ADAS’s Sarah Cook and Syngenta’s James Marshall-Roberts are featured in this short video demonstrating and discussing the results of this trial at ADAS’s site in Boxworth.

To view the video click here.

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