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Make This a Healthy Harvest at Drilling Time

Make This a Healthy Harvest at Drilling Time

14 August 2014

UK - Oilseed rape drilling is now well underway. With some seed treatment products restricted this year and others under threat, it’s critical that we look after those we have, keeping good product in the crop, out of water and away from wildlife.

The industry’s Voluntary Initiative has put together a two-page best practice guide on how to avoid spills and deal with any mishaps.

Seed treatments are an important part of crop protection but, because the seeds are treated with pesticides, sowing them needs the same careful approach as spraying pesticides.

Seed treatments are applied to the seed in an enclosed environment away from the field by qualified seed treatment operators and can form part of an environmentally responsible approach to crop protection, targeting the treatment and reducing the need to spray.

However as with all pesticides they need to be used with care to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Read the guidelines here.

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