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How is Ebola Affecting Food Supply?

How is Ebola Affecting Food Supply?

09 September 2014

GLOBAL - The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak has severely affected Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, resulting in deaths and adversely impacting on the agricultural sector and food security conditions.

According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) report, a total of 3,052 cases have been recorded in West Africa, causing 1,546 deaths (the latest WHO updates are available here).

In response, WHO announced an International Public Health Emergency and the governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone declared emergencies, implementing preventative and eradication measures to combat the EVD outbreak.

These include the establishment of quarantine zones and imposition of restrictions on the movement of people.

Although necessary, these restrictions have resulted in food security concerns that curtailed the movement of goods and services, including food items, leading to panic buying, food shortages and significant price hikes.

In addition, the ban on bush meat is expected to deprive some households of an important source of nutrition and income.

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