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New Sprayer Heads John Deere’s Trailed Range

09 August 2011
John Deere

UK - Designed specifically for larger arable farms, John Deere's new R962i 6200-litre sprayer is now the biggest model in the company's trailed range, with the highest ever pump capacity.

Designed and manufactured at the Horst sprayer factory in the Netherlands, this high specification machine is equipped as standard with a number of intelligent and automated features designed to make spraying easier, more accurate, more efficient and more profitable.

The R962i has been engineered for maximum stability under all spraying conditions. The main solution tank has a low-profile design with compact dimensions, despite its high capacity.

An optional wheel steering system provides accurate tracking on the headlands to reduce wheeling damage, and the new proportional steering control provides smoother operation and easier set-up in the field. Combined with the sprayer’s low centre of gravity, this hydraulic control system offers optimum stability and manoeuvrability, both in the field and on the road.

Built on strong foundations, the R962i sprayer has a structurally rigid chassis featuring a malleable cast cross-structure, which spreads and dissipates chassis loads to ensure a long machine life. The machine is also equipped as standard with ProRoad axle suspension, a double-link system featuring maintenance-free polyurethane dampers, and has a maximum transport speed of 40kph, even with a full tank.

Originally designed for the 5430i self-propelled sprayer, the SolutionCommand automatic solution management system lets the operator accurately fill, agitate, spray and multi-cycle rinse the sprayer, and dispose of residues, at the push of a button on the GreenStar display. Alternatively, all the same liquid controls can be operated by a series of rocker switches protected by a sealed perspex panel on the front of the sprayer, which replaces the usual levers and valves.

SolutionCommand is equipped as standard with AutoDilute, which allows the operator to select the appropriate rinsing or dilution programme on the display. This has been developed to meet the requirements of all EU legislation, and ensures that even less experienced operators can achieve good results every time.

Powerful, high-capacity twin piston diaphragm sprayer pumps supply liquid at 560 litres/min for fast automatic filling and spraying. An optionally available centrifugal pump boosts filling capacity to 700 litres/min.

For maximum productivity and accuracy, the R962i trailed sprayer can be equipped with the latest StarFire 3000 satellite receiver and advanced GreenStar 2630 touch-screen display. The StarFire receiver works at all accuracy levels (EGNOS, SF1, SF2 and RTK), and with both GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites.

John Deere’s suite of i-Solutions includes Spray-to-Map, a prescription mapping tool that enables the operator to spray variable rates of fertiliser or crop protection chemicals, following the creation of an application map on the office computer which can then be imported into the GreenStar 2630 display.

SprayerPro automatic boom section control helps to minimise overlaps and misses, and avoid wasting valuable inputs. SprayerPro automatically switches the boom sections on or off when the operator leaves or enters a predefined area or the headland.

Using information from the tank fill calculator, the operator can swing out the generously sized PowrFill chemical inductor for safe and easy filling of liquids, powders and granular material from ground level. A spray gun at the hopper and special storage lockers for clean clothing or contaminated protective gear are standard, as well as a separate 20-litre fresh water wash tank.

Further options include a BASF ECOMATIC closed chemical transfer kit for safe and convenient handling of chemicals in larger, refillable containers, and a 100 bar high-pressure washer for cleaning the sprayer and boom.

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