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Mycogen Introduces Refuge Advanced Hybrids, with SILAGE-SPECIFIC Variety

13 October 2011

US — Mycogen Seeds is expanding its corn lineup to include eight additional Dow AgroSciences REFUGE ADVANCED® powered by SmartStax® hybrids.

The new release includes seven grain corn hybrids and the first SILAGE-SPECIFIC® hybrid with the single-bag refuge solution. In total, Mycogen Seeds will offer 13 REFUGED ADVANCED hybrids for 2012 planting.

REFUGE ADVANCED is a convenient, single-bag solution to ensure refuge compliance in the Corn Belt. It contains a blend of 95 per cent SmartStax seed and 5 per cent non-insect-traited, agronomically comparable refuge seed. This allows refuge plants to be uniformly distributed throughout the field, removing the need for separate refuge acres.

Grain Corn Hybrids

  • 2R158, an 83-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, offers a solid agronomic package, including strong roots and good stress tolerance. This hybrid features good ear flex and is adapted to many plant densities. 2R158 offers top yield potential in high-yield environments.
  • 2T226, an 86-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, offers strong stalks and roots with late-season intactness to support harvest efficiency. Its semi-flex ear type supports a wide range of plant densities for consistent performance. Excellent drought tolerance makes 2T226 ideal for lighter soils.
  • 2E268, an 88-day REFUGE ADVANCED® hybrid, is a tall, attractive plant with moderately low ear placement. Excellent fall health and late-season plant integrity help this hybrid achieve superior grain drydown. 2E268 is a great choice for continuous corn or corn/soybean rotations.
  • 2J340, a 92-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, offers an excellent overall agronomic package with very good stress tolerance for lighter soils. With excellent fall health and late-season plant integrity, 2J340 is a competitive performer in a wide variety of environments and production systems.
  • 2J599, a 105-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, has wide east-to-west adaptation. This medium/tall showy hybrid offers good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and excels in highly productive soils. 2J599 offers top-end yield potential in high-yield environments.
  • 2V739, a 113-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, combines high yield with excellent yield stability. It has good tolerance to Goss's wilt for western environments and responds well to higher management. 2V739 optimizes its yield at higher plant densities and is a great choice for both continuous corn or corn/soybean rotations.
  • 2P769, a 113-day REFUGE ADVANCED hybrid, delivers consistent yield performance over a wide range of cropping rotations. An excellent choice for conventional and no-till systems, 2P769 optimizes its yield potential at higher plant densities.


  • TMF2Q719, a 109-day REFUGE ADVANCED® hybrid, is a tall plant with medium-high ear placement. It offers excellent gray leaf spot tolerance. Excellent staygreen provides TMF2Q719 with a wider harvest window.
For more information about these new grain corn hybrids or other MYCOGEN brand products, contact your local Mycogen Seeds dealer or sales representative, or visit

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