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13 September 2011
CropWorld Global 2011: Excitement Grows
UK - This year's CropWorld Global is looking to be another exciting event for the global crop production industry. ...
05 August 2011
Cereal Rust Infects Crops Early in Season
AUSTRALIA - Grain growers throughout the southern cropping region are being warned of the potential for yield losses from cereal rusts following early reports of infections in crops in Victoria,...
27 July 2011
High Feed Prices Lower Beef Supplies
US - The quantity of beef available to consumers in the US has declined a startling amount in recent years, and that trend is going to continue. ...
26 July 2011
Beetles Play Important Role In Reducing Weeds
UK - Researchers funded by the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the French Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique have found that ground beetles reduce the...
18 July 2011
Russian Grain Forecast to Rebound
RUSSIA - Russian grain production this year is expected to rebound from last year's drought-affected crops, with grain production forecast at approximately 85.5Mt (including legumes) for the...
01 July 2011
USDA Grain Stocks: Corn Down 15 Per Cent
US - USDA released the June 2011 Grain Stocks report today, indicating lower corn and wheat stocks and higher soybean stocks. ...
28 June 2011
Canadian Wheat Seen at 9.54Mha
CANADA - By 1st June, Canadian farmers had planted or intended to plant 9.54Mha of wheat for harvest 2011, 12% more than was planted for harvest 2010 but nearly 0.5Mha less than was indicated...
24 June 2011
Farms Hedging Risks to Manage Price Volatility
UK - Scottish farmers will have to find ways of dealing with rising costs as well as market volatility for their produce. ...
21 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 20, 2011
US - Focus of this week's USDA Crop Progress Report shifts to corn emergence at 97 per cent, just 2 per cent under the 5-year average of 99 percent, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
16 June 2011
Food Safety Begins in the Field
U.S - Commercial kitchens are required to meet certain health standards to help protect consumers from food related illnesses, but what about preventing potential health risks before it even...
14 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - June 13, 2011
US - There is little surprise in this week's USDA Crop Progress Report with corn up 5 percentage points to 99 per cent planted as of June 12, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
13 June 2011
UK Crop Development and Yield Prospects
UK - The very dry spring in many parts of the country is expected to have had some impact on the national average yields of cereals given the smaller crop canopies and reduced tillers although...
07 June 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - June 6, 2011
US - In-line with trader expectations, the USDA Crop Progress Report showed corn jumped 8 percentage points to 94 per cent as of June 5, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of
01 June 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 31, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report edged higher for corn planting this week moving 7 per cent from 79 per cent (week of May 23) to 86 per cent as of May 31, which is just under trader expectations...
24 May 2011
UDSA Crop Progress Report - May 23, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report showed another significant increase for corn planting this week jumping 16 per cent from 63 per cent (week of May 16) to 79 per cent as of May 23, writes Sarah...
17 May 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 16, 2011
US - The USDA Crop Progress Report saw another increase this week jumping 23 per cent from 40 per cent (week of May 8) to 63 per cent as of May 15 which is right where grain trader expected it,...
12 May 2011
Virulent Fusarium Most Prevalent in Western Canada
CANADA - A plant pathologist with the University of Manitoba reports a new more virulent strain of fusarium head blight has become the dominant strain in western Canada....
06 May 2011
Canadian Spring Planting Underway
CANADA - Canadian farmers have commenced planting however progress is slow....
03 May 2011
USDA Crop Progress Report - May 2, 2011
US - As expected, the USDA Crop Progress Report didn't show much new planting progress from last week, writes Sarah Mikesell, senior editor of ...
29 April 2011
ADAS Crop Development Report
UK - Conditions are very dry across the country, but particularly in the eastern and southern counties. ...
27 April 2011
Canadian Planting Intentions - Record Canola Acres
CANADA - In 2011, Canadian prairie farmers anticipate planting a record area of canola, and expect to plant more durum wheat, barley and oats compared with 2010, according to Statistics Canada....
13 April 2011
USDA: Nebraska Field and Crop Conditions
US - For the week ending April 10, windy conditions and above normal temperatures dried and warmed soils, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office....
08 April 2011
Safety Tips for Spring Planting Season
US - Setting realistic work priorities and being prepared for planting season are the most important safety tips for farmers to remember this spring, said a Purdue University Extension farm safety...
01 April 2011
Changing Feed Reduces Livestock Emissions
UK - Cows' diets have long since been blamed for adding to greenhouse gas emissions, but, according to Defra-funded research, this could be reduced by changing their feed content. ...
23 March 2011
Teagasc Crops Report Highlights Increased Cereal Area
IRELAND - The first Teagasc Crop Report of 2011, just published, highlights the increase in winter cereal area this year, the frost damage to winter sown oat crops and the attacks on oilseed...
16 March 2011
Healthy Oats
UK - Scientists in Aberystwyth University are developing new varieties of a traditional crop which could help lessen the danger of heart disease. ...
09 March 2011
Experts Recommend Field Checks after Ice Storms
US - Farmers should examine winter wheat and forages as the crops emerge from dormancy to determine if they have been damaged from the recent sleet and ice storms, two Purdue Extension specialists...
08 March 2011
Rust Risk Warning for 2011 Forage Oats
AUSTRALIA - Leaf rust severely impacted forage oat crop productivity during 2010 and with the current above-average rainfall conditions expected to extend into autumn this year, rust outbreaks...
23 February 2011
Hulless Oats and Barley in Swine Rations
CANADA - The head of Agriculture Canada's Seed Increase Unit is encouraging swine producers to consider either hulless oats or hulless barley as one way of reducing the potential for mycotoxin...
24 December 2010
Canada Invests in Oat Research
CANADA - The Canadian Government is investing in research to help growers in Canada reap the benefits of growing oats. ...
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