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02 May 2018
Current house farm bill fails to meet needs of family farmers, says NFU (US)
WASHINGTON - The US House Agriculture Committee today marked up the 2018 Farm Bill, H.R. 2, sending the bill to the full US House of Representatives for its consideration...
17 August 2015
Agritechnica Is Coming to Germany in November 2015
GERMANY - Agritechnica 2015, which takes place from 10 to 14 November, is fast-approaching. Taking place in Hannover, Germany, this year’s show is aptly titled: ‘People, Technology, Innovation...
12 March 2015
Mahindra Tractors Domestic Sales Down 38 Per Cent in February
INDIA - Mahindra Tractors, the farm equipment division of Mahindra & Mahindra has recorded a drop of 38 per cent in domestic tractor sales at 10,267 units during February 2015....
19 February 2015
Ukraine Wheat Exports Pass Nine Million Tons
UKRAINE – Ukraine’s grain exports up to this week have topped 23 million tons, with wheat at nine million tons, says the Agriculture Ministry....
28 January 2015
Spanish Farmer Outcry over Oil and Fertiliser 'Paradox'
SPAIN – Spanish producers are questioning more expensive fertiliser given the fact that fuel is cheaper, highlighting a 46 per cent crude oil price drop last year....
16 January 2015
Will Falling Oil Prices Cheer Farmers in 2015?
US - The rapid fall in global oil prices seems to have taken many by surprise. The price of crude oil has declined sharply over the past seven months, creating a list of ‘winners and losers’,...
21 October 2014
Record Crops Mean Some Harvest Delays
US - Indiana's projected record corn and soybean crops will likely result in backups at the state's grain handling facilities and delay some farmers from harvesting, Purdue agricultural economist...
20 October 2014
Proposed Weight Increase is 'Step in Right Direction'
UK - The NFU has claimed that weight increases proposed by Department for Transport (DfT) are a step in the right direction but need to go further in the next phase to realise the maximum improvement...
22 September 2014
Escorts Launches Two New Tractors in Bangladesh
BANGLADESH - India’s leading tractor brand, Escorts has launched two new series of tractors in Bangladesh....
18 September 2014
Export Customers Commit to Buy $2.3 Billion of US Soy
US - Buyers from China at the second-annual, soy-checkoff-funded US Global Trade Exchange have agreed to buy $2.3 billion of US soy totaling 176 million bushels of US soybeans, marking the second...
16 September 2014
Efforts Made to Reduce Government-imposed Trade Barriers
EU - American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman is leading a delegation of the organization’s leaders to Europe this week to discuss efforts to increase trade through comprehensive...
15 September 2014
EuroTier Offers Solutions for the Future
GERMANY - The world’s leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals, EuroTier, will be presenting solutions for the future of agriculture at the Fairgrounds in Hanover from 11 to 14...
08 August 2014
Khapra Beetle Infestation Stops Rice Shipment from Pakistan
US & PAKISTAN - US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered a Khapra Beetle larvae infestation in a shipment of rice from Pakistan at the port of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. ...
31 July 2014
Proposed Sanitary Transportation Rule Places Undue Burden, Says AFIA
US - The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has submitted comments to the US Food and Drug Administration on the proposed Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule....
22 July 2014
Research Identifies Machinery as the Largest Global Agri-Tech Sector
GLOBAL - A new report outlining the state of global agri-technology has been released this week showing machinery has been identified as the largest sector globally in terms of sales, employment...
23 June 2014
Meat, Poultry, Fish Make Up 30 Per Cent of US Food Waste
ANALYSIS - A recently published report shows that while meat, poultry and fish makes up 12 per cent of the volume of US food waste, this group accounts for 30 per cent of the vale of those losses,...
12 June 2014
New Machinery Award Winners Announced at Cereals 2014
UK - An innovative tractor transmission, a novel bale wrapper, a new seedbed cultivator and an impressive weed imaging spot sprayer have each won a prestigious award introduced at Cereals 2014....
28 May 2014
Brazil’s Grain Storage Builds On-Farm
BRAZIL - Brazilian farmers have accessed a total of US$1.8 billion as part of a storage plan financing the construction of silos and warehouses in 2013-2014. ...
27 May 2014
Canola Growers File Level of Service Complaint with Canadian Transportation Agency
CANADA - The Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) has filed a Level of Service Complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency, contending that Canadian National Railway and Canadian...
13 May 2014
Grain Haulage Costs Down 1.2 Per Cent, but Costs for Longer Journeys Increase
UK - Results from AHDB/HGCA’s UK Grain Haulage Survey 2014 show a 1.2 per cent decline in average journey costs, compared with last year’s survey....
27 March 2014
India Must Address Grain Storage Conundrum
INDIA – Inefficient grain trading could mean much of India continues to starve regardless of economic development or harvest yields....
25 March 2014
Road Weight Restrictions Relaxed for Grain Shipments
CANADA - The Manitoba government is making a special one-time amendment to spring weight restriction policy on provincial roads that will enable famers to be nimble and react quickly to changes...
14 March 2014
New Machinery Awards Power Off
UK - Think you’ve got the best bit of new kit? Or perhaps you manufactured it? Well, if it was launched in the past 18 months, it could win the arable equivalent of an Oscar, in this case...
04 March 2014
How Long Will it Take Farmers to Take Advantage of New Technology?
ANALYSIS - Farming in the 21st century is facing new pressures that often cannot be met by techniques, systems and equipment developed over the last 50 year, writes Chris Harris....
28 February 2014
Taking Agriculture to a Higher Level of Precision
US - Imagine, if you will, a tractor pulling a fertilizer wagon travelling at 8 to 9 mph along a field of thousands of sorghum test plants....
07 February 2014
Sanitary Practices for Transport of Food and Feed Proposed
US - The US Food and Drug Administration has put forward proposals for sanitary practices for people shipping and transporting food and animal feed....
03 February 2014
Soybean Could Be The 'Exciting' Market in 2014
ANALYSIS – Strong soybean demand from China will mean growing stocks are bought and a tight market will run through the year, leaving a bearish outlook, writes Michael Priestly, TheCropSite...
06 January 2014
EU See Sense on Tractor and Trailer Testing
EU - New burdensome EU proposals on tractor and trailer testing look to have been defeated in the European Union after intensive lobbying from UK farming unions....
20 December 2013
John Deere Offers Complete FT4 Package of Diesel Exhaust Fluid
US - To make it convenient and easy for customers to access, handle and use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and other fluids in their Final Tier 4-compliant equipment, John Deere is offering a full...
13 November 2013
Agritechnica 2013: Diesel Efficiency for Tomorrow
ANALYSIS - The topic of diesel efficiency has become an increasing focus for farmers in recent years, following earlier decades of concentrating on timely, high quality performance with modern...
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