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20 October 2015
The Scoop on Poop – Why is Manure Important?
ANALYSIS - For years, livestock farmers have used manure as a fertilizer, soil amendment, energy source and even construction material....
21 September 2015
Targeted Technology to Solve Agricultural Challenges
ANALYSIS - Agriculture and livestock farming needs to target better what it is putting into production in order to achieve improved yields....
28 July 2015
More Ecological Requirements for Chinese Agriculture
US - China’s farmers must use less fertilizer and pesticide, the government has announced in a push for cleaner water by the year 2020....
28 May 2015
China Targets End of Agricultural Waste
CHINA - China has set a target to achieve "zero discharge" of agricultural waste by 2030....
08 May 2015
Irish Farmers Request Enquiry into EU Fertiliser Industry
IRELAND - The Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) has requested an enquiry into the EU fertiliser industry amid concerns over high prices and lack of competition....
05 May 2015
Fungi Could Form Bio-Fertiliser
UK - Fungi could be used as a 'bio-fertiliser' with the potential to replace unsustainable mined phosphate in future, according to new research from the University of Cambridge....
01 May 2015
Phosphorous Availability Higher in Some Sewage Than Chemical Fertiliser
EU - Phosphorus in sewage and manure could be more available to crops than previously thought, and these sources may even provide more than chemical fertilisers, suggests new research. ...
17 April 2015
Maize Roots Developed Better Nitrogen Efficiency Over Last Century
US - Selective breeding of maize over the last century to increase yield may have indirectly led to the evolution of more efficient root systems, according to researchers....
27 March 2015
Less Fertiliser Does Not Mean Lower Sugar Yield
AUSTRALIA - Early trial results show a new approach to fertiliser application in Wet Tropics cane farms is ultimately boosting the quality of water heading downstream, with minimal effect on...
20 March 2015
India Setting up Fertiliser Plant in Iran
INDIA - In order to meet its fertiliser needs, India will be setting up fertilizer plant in Iran....
09 March 2015
How Can Drones Make Farming Profits?
ANALYSIS - Technology that is more akin to the movie world and science fiction is starting to take a hold in the world of agriculture and farming....
13 February 2015
Philippines Corn Farmers to Make Own Fertilizer
PHILIPPINES - The Philippines agricultural department has introduced new technologies to Aurora corn farmers....
12 February 2015
‘Stressed’ Young Bees Could be the Cause of Colony Collapse
GLOBAL - Pressure on young bees to grow up too fast could be a major factor in explaining the disastrous declines in bee populations seen worldwide....
09 February 2015
China Eyes Sustainable, Strong Agriculture
CHINA - Despite old land and unfavorable weather, farmer Xu Jianmin managed to double his harvest in central China last year, in some cases increasing the value of produce 10 fold....
28 January 2015
Spanish Farmer Outcry over Oil and Fertiliser 'Paradox'
SPAIN – Spanish producers are questioning more expensive fertiliser given the fact that fuel is cheaper, highlighting a 46 per cent crude oil price drop last year....
31 December 2014
HGCA Board Gains Valuable Experience
UK - HGCA has appointed two new members to its board, both with a huge amount of experience in the grain industry....
12 December 2014
Survey: Market Volatility Taking Toll on Farmers
UK - After the last two NFU survey results revealed a largely positive outlook within agriculture, latest results show a marked dip in short term confidence among farmers and growers....
05 November 2014
New Report Shows No Change in Agriculture Nutrient Surpluses
DENMARK - A new DCA report shows that nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium surpluses in farming have decreased steadily over the last 20 years. The largest reductions took place until the mid-00s,...
04 November 2014
What Challenges Face Ukraine?
ANALYSIS - The trouble-torn country of Ukraine is facing more challenges than the political unrest that is being seen on televisions and in news reports around the world, writes Chris Harris....
28 October 2014
Market Analyst: Buy Fertilizer in the Fall
CANADA - Nine times out of 10 it pays to pre-buy fertilizer in the fall/winter season as opposed to the spring, according to Jennifer Stoby, market analyst-agriculture inputs, Alberta Agriculture...
13 October 2014
2015 Planting Decisions Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilizer Prices
US - Anhydrous ammonia prices averaged $717 per ton in Illinois according to the October 2nd edition of the Illinois Production Cost Report, reports Gary Schnitkey....
07 October 2014
RCF Scouting for Partner to Build Plant in Iran
INDIA - Indian government owned fertilizers company, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd (RCF) have said that it is looking for partners to build $800 million fertilizers plant in Iran....
25 September 2014
Choosing the Right Season for Applying Chicken Litter
US - Using poultry litter as fertilizer is a welcome trend in many southern states because that is where most of the US broiler chickens are produced....
16 September 2014
Understanding Our Urban Pollinators
UK - Pollinators such as the Common Blue butterfly, which is shown in the image above, play a vital role in maintaining our food supplies. But like many others, these species are struggling in...
11 September 2014
Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
US - Four scientists have been named to the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Science Hall of Fame for discoveries in soybean genomics, sustainable farming, poultry disease control and crop...
14 August 2014
EU Bees at Best Health in Years, Overwintering Losses at Record Low
EU - European bees are much healthier than many recent publications appear to suggest. ...
06 August 2014
$1.5 Million to Develop New Crop for Biofuels
US - Colorado State University Bioagricultural Sciences Associate Professor John McKay has been awarded nearly $1.5 million from the US Department of Energy to develop a new crop for biofuels....
05 August 2014
Bees Able to Spot Which Flowers Offer Best Rewards
UK - Bumblebees are able to connect differences in pollen quality with floral features like petal colour, and so land only on the flowers that offer the best rewards, according to a new study...
30 July 2014
Only Evidence-based Strategy Will Help Protect Bees
UK - The NFU has strongly disagreed with the new Environment Audit Committee report on the National Pollinator Strategy which has called for a refocus to deliver a precautionary, hazard-based...
29 July 2014
Indian Agri Institute Develops GIS Based Soil Fertility Maps for 19 States
INDIA - Bhopal based Indian Institute of Soil Science (IISS) has developed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based soil fertility maps of 19 states using data of different soil testing laboratories...
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