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Crop Industry News: Ethiopia

13 November 2013
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Ethiopia To Enjoy Above Average Yields
ETHIOPIA - Production prospects are favourable as the main meher season crops are harvested and the market is in a promising position as cereals are at record highs, write agricultural commentators...
26 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Ethiopia Development Organisation Recognised for Cooperative Work
ETHIOPIA – Economic development organisation ACDI/VOCA has been recognised by the national government for efforts to develop agricultural cooperatives....
13 July 2012
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Ethiopia Ban on Cotton Exports Lifted
ETHIOPIA - In April 2012 the Government of Ethiopia lifted a ban it had imposed in October 2010 on the export of cotton. The ban was imposed because of the government’s desire to expand domestic...
06 October 2011
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Can We Make It the Horn of Africa's Last Famine?
ETHIOPIA, SOMALIA, ERITREA & DJIBOUTI - The recent pledge of $350 million by African leaders and the international community to help the more than 13 million people facing starvation in the Horn...
11 May 2011
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Sunflowers, Soy Might Be Success in Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA - Soybean companies and sunflower companies are economically and agronomically feasible in Ethiopia, if their activities are fine-tuned within a chain. ...
28 March 2011
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Saudi Co Invests $2.5B in Rice, Corn Farm
ETHIOPIA - Saudi Star Agri-cultural Development Plc, a food company owned by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, said it plans to invest $2.5 billion by 2020 developing a rice-farming project in Ethiopia,...
08 July 2010
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Investment Planned For Ethiopian Sugar Cane Crushing
ETHIOPIA - Karuturi Global Ltd (KGL), one of the world's leading players in the floriculture industry, has revealed plans to spend $100 million (£65.9 million) on setting up a sugar cane crushing...
07 May 2010
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Seeds and Fertiliser Distributed to Farmers
ETHIOPIA – The Meki Batu Horticulture Producers' Cooperative Union has distributed agricultural inputs to farmers in Ethiopia....
28 April 2010
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Agricultural Growth 'Would Transform Economy'
ETHIOPIA - A six per cent growth rate in agricultural gross domestic product would provide an increase in employment for Ethiopia....
07 December 2009
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Praj to Advise on Biofuels in Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA - An Indian renewable energy company is to provide a consultancy for the Ethiopian biofuels sector....
04 August 2009
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Emami Biotech Launches Biofuel Project in Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA - Emami Biotech, part of the Emami Group, is to invest Rs 4 bllion (rupees) in a plantation project over five years in Oromia in Ethiopia....
27 October 2008
Crop Industry News from Ethiopia Africa's Largest Wind Farm for Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA - The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is to will build Africa's largest wind farm to help meet the country's need for additional energy resources....

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