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Crop Industry News: Paraguay

28 July 2014
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Paraguayan Biofuels Sector Continues to be Sluggish
PARAGUAY - The Paraguayan biofuels sector continues to move at a sluggish pace. Ethanol production and use continues to expand as a result of increased gasoline sales....
24 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Further Growth of Fuel Market Expected in Coming Years
PARAGUAY - In February and March 2013 the Government of Paraguay passed several decrees aimed at resolving a number of issues which were negatively affecting the development of the biodiesel...
16 July 2013
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Minister Warns of Tax Implications of Bumper Soybean Crop
PARAGUAY – The Minister of Agriculture, Rody Godoy, has tentatively supported recent grain tax changes following bullish soybean harvest forecasts....
06 July 2012
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Policies Encourage Paraguay Ethanol Production
PARAGUAY - Paraguay’s ethanol industry continues to slowly grow every year as a result of larger demand promoted by official policies, including the biofuels law. Local ethanol producers enjoy...
23 March 2012
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Paraguay's 60 Per Cent Loss in Worst Soybean Harvest Ever
PARAGUAY - The impact of drought in Paraguay is bigger than initially estimated. The average yield is expected to be around 1,170 kg per hectare (ha), the lowest ever in this area....
08 February 2012
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Paraguay Soybean Losses Estimated at $1.5M
PARAGUAY - The Trade Union of Production (PMU) has estimated that 47 per cent of soybean production has been lost due to prolonged drought. This damage means a loss of $1,500 million in revenue...
09 January 2012
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Paraguay Faces Total Loss of Crops
PARAGUAY - The prolonged drought and intense heat in Paraguay is causing great concern in the agricultural sector. If the drought continues it will have major financial implications for farmers,...
21 April 2008
Crop Industry News from Paraguay Calls to End NGO Soy Roundtable Support
PARAGUAY - One week before the third meeting of the Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) in Buenos Aires, Argentina [1], the Global Forest Coalition, a worldwide coalition of Non Governmental...

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