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Crop Industry News: Afghanistan

20 October 2014
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Above-average Wheat Harvest Estimated for Afghanistan
AFGHANISTAN - An above-average wheat crop, mainly harvested in May/June, of about 5.1 million tonnes is estimated in 2014, similar to 2013 which was one of the highest on record for the last...
22 April 2013
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Afghanistan's Wheat Production Forecast Down
AFGHANISTAN - Wheat production in Afghanistan for the marketing year 2013/14 is forecast at 4.05 million metric tons (MMT), a two per cent decrease from the previous year due to less precipitation...
04 April 2012
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Wheat and Rice Production to Increase with More Rain Forecast
AFGHANISTAN - Afghanistan’s wheat production is to reach a near record high of 3.8 million metric tons (MMT), a 52 per cent increase over the previous year, and rice production to increase...
05 November 2010
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Wheat Stem Rust-Resistant Seed for Afghanistan
AFGHANISTAN - A total of 150 tons of wheat stem rust-resistant wheat seed has been safely planted in Afghanistan....
27 April 2010
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Iowa Aids Farmers in Middle East
AFGHANISTAN - The Iowa National Guard is helping to rebuild the farming sector in Afghanistan in a bid to increase the production of legitimate crops in the country....
04 February 2010
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Agriculture is Top Non-Security Priority
AFGHANISTAN - After security, agriculture is the next priority area for Afghanistan, according to US secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack....
14 January 2008
Crop Industry News from Afghanistan Could Afghan poppy be used to produce biodiesel?
AFGHANISTAN - Sir Edmond Phelps and Graciana del Castillo ("A strategy to help Afghanistan kick its habit", January 4) make an important contribution to the discussion of how best to help Afghans...

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