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Unlocking Secrets of Teff, Ethiopia's Superfood
Ethiopia's native staple food grain teff is at risk, with 80% of production to be hit by higher temperatures soon if not protected. For the first time, scientists have mapped thousands of the crop's varieties to fast-track efforts to save it...
Maize Trade Disruption Could Have Global Ramifications
Disruptions to U.S. exports of maize (corn) could pose food security risks for many U.S. trade partners due to the lack of trade among other producing and importing nations, says a Michigan State University study....
Prospects for Agricultural Markets, Income in EU 2012-2020
EU agricultural commodity prices are expected to stay firm over the medium term, supported by factors such as the growth in global food demand, the development of the biofuel sector and a prolongation of the long term decline in food crop productivity...
FAO Food Outlook: Food Prices Below Year-ago; Global Food Imports Down
The FAO says food prices are below the levels of last year, and global food imports are down by well over US$1 billion. ...
FAO: World Cereal Production Forecast to Fall by 2.7 Per Cent
Global cereal supply and demand balance is forecast to tighten considerably in 2012/13, due mainly to declines in wheat and maize production, according to the FAO Outlook Report. World cereal production is forecast to fall by 2.7 percent from previous...
Bridging the US-China Trade Gap
The growing US trade imbalance with China has been a major cause of concern for US policy makers, according to a study by Xiuzhi Wang, Edward Evans, and Fredy Ballen for the University of Florida....



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