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Soybean Innovation Lab is connecting people around the globe with new, free online course
The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) recently launched Africa’s first free, open-access, certificate-based online course in integrated pest management (IPM) and pesticide safety....
Research Diary: Plant Clinics in Uganda
Getting agricultural information to smallholder farmers can help improve food security. University of Warwick PhD student Andrew Tock explores....
Size, Age of Plants Impact Productivity More than Climate
The size and age of plants has more of an impact on their productivity than temperature and precipitation, University of Arizona researchers have discovered....
New Mechanism Can Regulate Root Architecture
Scientists have uncovered a new mechanism by which plants can regulate root architecture, a discovery that could lead to better ways of growing crops. ...
Could Spiders Be the Answer to Saving our Bees?
A novel bio-pesticide created using spider venom and a plant protein has been found to be safe for honeybees – despite being highly toxic to a number of key insect pests. ...
Plants Sense Water in Soil; Grow Roots in the Right Direction
The presence of even small amounts of water can influence the structure of plant roots in soil, a finding that opens up new possibilities to improve water and nutrient foraging for important food crops, according to scientist at University of Nottingham....



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