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Breeding Better Beer
Brewing-enthusiast Dr Chris Ridout had little idea when he applied for a BBSRC public engagement grant in 2001 that it might lead him to resurrect a Victorian beer....
Scientists Discover Way to Make Ethanol Without Corn
Stanford University scientists have found a new, highly efficient way to produce liquid ethanol from carbon monoxide gas. ...
New Use for Spent Corn Grains
Kitty litter that's nearly 100 percent biodegradable can be made by processing spent grains left over from corn ethanol production. ...
Do Ethanol Prices Drive Corn Prices?
The impact of the boom in ethanol production on corn prices has been the subject of an intense debate since 2006. It is no easy feat to separate out the impact of ethanol production from other factors, such as weather problems during the US growing season...
Biofuels Influence on Nutrient Use, Removal in US
Nutrient use and management will likely be impacted significantly within the next 5 years through grain-based ethanol production, writes Dr. Paul Fixen, International Plant Nutrition Institute Senior Vice President and Director of Research....
Evaluating the Effects of Pelleting DON-Contaminated DDGS
Conditioning temperature and retention time alone did not affect levels of the mycotoxin, deoxynivalenol (DON), in dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) from maize but pelleting DDGS reduced DON levels as the level of sodium metabisulphite (SMB)...



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