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Oilseed Rape Genome Sequenced
An International consortium of more than 30 research institutes, coordinated by scientists at INRA and CEA-Genoscope and associating CNRS and University of Evry, just succeeded in deciphering the complex genome of the recent oilseed rape (Brassica napus...
Multi-gene Engineering Could Enhance Seed Oil in Oilseed Crops
A team of researchers have published the first study to focus on multiple genes that control steps in the pathway for seed oil production in oilseed crops....
What Environments Are Best for Bee Health?
Diverse agri-environmental schemes which combine flowering crops with semi-natural habitats, such as grasslands and hedgerows, will be best for bees, new research suggests. ...
Adoption of Direct Seeding Improves Soil Quality
Starting in the early 1980’s, prairie farmers gradually switched from conventional tillage to adopt direct seeding, the seeding of crops directly into undisturbed or cultivated soil....
It’s All in the Genes - Preventing Rapeseed Crop Failure
Understanding what affects the resistance genes in rapeseed crops is the focus of a new Marie Curie Fellowship research project being led by Dr Henrik Stotz at the University of Hertfordshire. ...
Soya Protein Replaced by Rapeseed Protein
In Jena, Germany, more than 500 million people are suffering from a lack of adequate protein in their diet. ...



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