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Bioplastics in the sustainability dilemma
Scientists at the University of Bonn investigate the factors affecting the global land use impacts and CO2 emissions of plant-based plastics....
New 3D model predicts best planting practices for farmers
As farmers survey their fields this summer, several questions come to mind: How many plants germinated per acre? ...
Developing the food trend of the future: Sugar seaweed
Fresh, crispy and with a taste note of nuts. This is how the new superfood tastes, the food industry is opening its eyes to. But if seaweed is to be on the dining table, something has to happen in production. It must be both sustainable and large enough...
Software to Improve Sugar Beet Production
Neiker-Tecnalia in coordination with the consulting firms HAZI Fundazioa (rural, shoreline and food development) and IK Ingeniería (ecodesign and environmental innovation in products and services), has developed software for horticultural, grape and...
Payback Soil Carbon from Pasture Conversion to Sugarcane Droduction
The reduction of soil carbon stock caused by the conversion of pasture areas into sugarcane plantations – a very common change in Brazil in recent years – may be offset within two or three years of cultivation....
Why is Bioenergy Important?
BBSRC has supported world-leading bioscience for over two decades. In a series of articles during its 20th anniversary, we will be exploring a variety of ways that BBSRC helps to deliver impact from research. In this article we look at bioenergy....



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