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Mother Plants Teach Seeds About Seasons; Give Them a Thicker Coat
New research by Dr Steve Penfield from the John Innes Centre has found that 'mother' plants remember the seasons and use this memory to teach their seeds the time of year and tell them when they should germinate....
Simplifying the Process to Purify Water Using Seed Extracts
Researchers have streamlined and simplified a process that uses extracts from seeds of Moringa oleifa trees to purify water, reducing levels of harmful bacteria by 90% to 99%....
Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies in Corn
The foundation for strong, healthy corn plants is proper nutrition. ...
Multi-gene Engineering Could Enhance Seed Oil in Oilseed Crops
A team of researchers have published the first study to focus on multiple genes that control steps in the pathway for seed oil production in oilseed crops....
Examining Corn Nutrient Uptake for Maximum Yield
Biotechnology, breeding, and agronomic advancements have propelled corn yields to new highs with little guidance as to how to fertilize these modern corn hybrids to achieve their maximum yield potential. ...
Focus this Spring on Short-Term Fertility, Quick Start
Lower commodity prices, high land rent costs and the desire to get a running start on the 2014 growing season will combine to make use of starter fertilizers an attractive option for farmers this spring....



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