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How do superbugs become super? Understanding antibiotic resistance
They’re small, but they can be deadly. And we’re still trying to understand how they work so we can protect ourselves....
GMOs with Health Benefits Have Large Market Potential
Over the last years, various GM crops with health benefits have been developed in which genes, mostly originating from other organisms, have been added....
Can Genetic Engineering Help Crops Better Tolerate Drought?
The staggering growth rate of the global population demands innovative and sustainable solutions to increase food production by as much as 70-100 per cent in the next few decades....
Famine Fear Won't Change Minds on GM Crops
A sack-hauling time traveler from the 21st century lands in an Irish potato field in 1849, just before a terrible famine, and asks: If you thought genetically modified potatoes could avert late blight disease, spare a million countrymen from starvation...
Multi-gene Engineering Could Enhance Seed Oil in Oilseed Crops
A team of researchers have published the first study to focus on multiple genes that control steps in the pathway for seed oil production in oilseed crops....
A New Approach to Detecting Changes in GM Foods
Does genetic manipulation causes unintended changes in food quality and composition? Are genetically modified (GM) foods less nutritious than their non-GM counterparts, or different in unknown ways?...



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