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Growing quinoa in Europe
In Germany, quinoa is trendy amongst health-conscious buyers: its seeds are rich in proteins and essential amino acids, it is gluten-free, and has lots of iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins. ...
Global trade in soy has major implications for the climate
Study by the University of Bonn examines carbon emissions from Brazilian soy exports with unprecedented accuracy...
Crop pathogens ‘remarkably adaptable’
Pathogens that attack agricultural crops show remarkable adaptability to new climates and new plant hosts, new research shows....
Sorghum seems promising as a forage crop in the Netherlands
Sorghum can replace silage maize, based on evidence from a literature study by Wageningen Livestock Research. ...
Climate change affects soil health
Researchers at the universities of Kassel and Bonn show that soil pathogens spread after heat and drought stress...
Boost soybean yields by adapting photosynthesis to fleeting shadows
Komorebi is a Japanese word that describes how light filters through leaves—creating shifting, dappled “sunflecks” that illustrate plants’ ever-changing light environment. Crops harness light energy to fix carbon dioxide into food via photosynthesis....



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