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Researchers Learning More About Herbicide Defense ‘Switch’ in Cereals
For decades, herbicide safeners have been used as a defense mechanism against stress caused by herbicides in cereal crops such as maize, rice, grain sorghum, and wheat. ...
First Look at Sorghum Genome May Find New Food, Fuel Uses
Although sorghum lines underwent adaptation to be grown in temperate climates decades ago, a University of Illinois researcher said he and his team have completed the first comprehensive genomic analysis of the molecular changes behind that adaptation....
High-yield Crops Curb Land Expansion, Care Needed to Avoid Negative Biodiversity Effects
The widespread use of higher-yielding improved varieties of crops as part of the ‘Green Revolution’ has averted the conversion of between 18 to 27 million hectares of forests, woodlands and pastures in the period 1965 to 2004, according to a recent...
Wheat: Identifying Aphids Infected with Barley Yellow Dwarf
A team of researchers, extension specialists and agents at Kansas State University is working with wheat producers to determine what percent of the aphid populations in Kansas have the potential to transmit yield-robbing barley yellow dwarf (BYD) into...
A New Look at Where Our Food Dollars Go
The ERS marketing bill has been a popular statistical series for food market observers interested in knowing the costs of getting food from farm to table, writes Patrick Canning, USDA, Economic Research Service....
Sorghum Genetic Resources: How Is Diversity Organized?
In order to manage and use large genetic resource collections effectively, it is vital to determine the genetic and morphological characteristics of the material conserved. ...



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