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Crop Water Use in Limited-Irrigation Environments
The goal in High Plains agriculture is to use water most effectively in production systems to generate crop yield. ...
Cover Crops Reduce Erosion, Break Up Soil, Fix Nitrogen
When it comes to cover crops, a wealth of possibilities range from winter rye and triticale and even spring oats combined with turnips or tillage radishes. ...
What Environments Are Best for Bee Health?
Diverse agri-environmental schemes which combine flowering crops with semi-natural habitats, such as grasslands and hedgerows, will be best for bees, new research suggests. ...
Fertilization Destabilizes Global Grassland Ecosystems
A new study demonstrates that fertilization of natural grasslands -- either intentionally or unintentionally as a side effect of global farming and industry -- is having a destabilizing effect on global grassland ecosystems. ...
First Step to Reduce Plant Need for Nitrogen Fertilizer Uncovered
Nitrogen fertilizer costs U.S. farmers approximately $8 billion each year, and excess fertilizer can find its way into rivers and streams, damaging the delicate water systems. ...
Food Expert: Genetically Modified Crops Are Overregulated
It has been almost 20 years since the first genetically modified foods showed up in produce aisles throughout the United States and the rest of the world, but controversy continues to surround the products and their regulation....



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