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Maize Chlorotic Dwarf

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Pathogen(s) causing disease:

Maize chlorotic dwarf virus (MCDV); primarily transmitted by the black-faced leafhopper


MCD symptoms include yellowing of youngest leaves in the whorl and a distinct fine yellow striping, or vein clearing of the smallest veins visible between the larger veins. This chlorotic vein clearing of secondary veins is diagnostic for MCD and may be more readily observed on the undersides of infected leaves. The striping may not be seen in later stages of development due to leaf reddening and general yellowing of the plant. Affected plants may also be stunted due to shortening of the upper internodes.


Those that favor leafhopper reproduction and growth of Johnsongrass in fields.


Resistant varieties. Sow early in the growing season to avoid large leaf hopper populations. Control perennial Johnsongrass.


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