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Sudden death syndrome (SDS)

Photo by Tristan Mueller

Pathogen(s) causing disease:

Fusarium solani race A


Yellow interveinal blotches, which become necrotic leaving green tissue along the leaf veins. Leaf blades drop, leaving petioles attached to the stem. Foliar symptoms similar to brown stem rot. Light brown or gray discoloration occurs in internal taproot tissue, while pith remains white.


Often occurs with soybean cyst nematode, but SCN not necessary for disease to occur. Cool wet soils in early spring favor infection. Infection also favored by high soil moisture during the vegetative stages and unseasonable cool temperatures prior to or during flower and pod set. Soil compaction, increased soil fertility and the presence of SCN can increase disease severity.


Crop rotation is important. Plant as late as possible in the spring, and use cultivars from more than one maturity group. Manage SCN. Timely harvest.



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