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Pairing Poncho/VOTiVO with AERIS Improves Cotton Vigor, Yield

19 January 2012

US - Bayer CropScience discussed the benefits of pairing Poncho®/VOTiVO® with Aeris® seed-applied insecticide/nematicide on cotton, as well as the new On Demand® seed treatment system, at Beltwide 2012.

"First introduced in fall 2010 for applications on corn seed, Poncho/VOTiVO received its registration on cotton last spring, and is available for soybeans as well, for the 2012 growing season," said Keith Vodrazka, Poncho/VOTiVO product manager. "We have been evaluating Poncho/VOTiVO paired with Aeris on cotton and have seen improved vigor and yield. We believe cotton growers will be pleased with the results the combination of Poncho/VOTiVO and Aeris provides for their cotton."

Poncho/VOTiVO combined with Aeris on Cotton

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in the 2011/2012 growing season, there were 14.7 million acres of cotton planted, resulting in an estimated 794 pounds per acre. For these plants, Poncho/VOTiVO can protect against a broad range of nematodes, including root-knot, reniform and Columbia lance.

Poncho/VOTiVO on cotton is long-lasting, protecting against even second generation nematodes, and fast-acting to defend plants from the first day onward. Because it protects against multiple types of cotton-parasitic nematodes makes it a great partner for Integrated Pest Management programs.

Poncho/VOTiVO is paired with Aeris seed-applied insecticide/nematicide to provide additional control of early-season insects, including thrips, aphids and cutworms. Aeris also protects cotton against low-to-moderate nematode populations, providing added nematode protection when paired with Poncho/VOTiVO. This seed treatment combination promotes higher yield through a healthier root system and excellent early-season insect damage protection, resulting in a more vigorous and uniform crop.

"Poncho/VOTiVO combined with Aeris gives cotton growers the best protection against early-season insects and nematodes of any seed treatment combination on the market," said Vodrazka.

On Demand

On Demand is the first and only fully-automated seed treatment system developed to make treating seeds easier, more accurate and more efficient. The system is designed with product stewardship and convenience, offering consistent applications resulting in improved seed integrity and accountability. The system allows operators to select from multiple, pre-loaded customer-specific recipes for improved efficiency. On Demand's true-closed system eliminates jug- or hand-mixing and minimizes exposure to chemicals, ensuring that Poncho/VOTiVO, Aeris and other seed treatments will be applied correctly and according to labeled rates.

"Bayer CropScience believes seed treatment application is important to help growers protect their crops and achieve quality yields in a sustainable, affordable way," said Kerry Grossweiler, On Demand product manager. "The On Demand system demonstrates Bayer's commitment to providing innovative solutions to assist growers. It will not only speed up the seed treatment application process, but will provide growers with the assurance that the seeds are treated with accuracy and at labeled rates."

The user-friendly On Demand system allows operators to select from multiple, pre-loaded customer-specific recipes for improved efficiency and has the ability to manage usage and automatically reorder supplies for dealers to optimize inventory. In addition to On Demand's functional benefits, this innovative technology comes with state-of-the-art remote troubleshooting that allows users to communicate with the device from their personal computer and alert the service center when concerns are detected.

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