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Korea: 2011 MMA Rice Buying Tenders Result

01 March 2012
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

REPUBLIC OF KOREA - Korea's contracts for rice imports under the 2011 WTO Minimum Market Access (MMA) system resulted in expanded sales for US rice suppliers. In addition to the US Country Specific Quota of 50,076 MT, the United States successfully supplied 51,414 MT or 34 per cent of the total Global Quota of 151,460 MT.

With a total 101,490 MT, the US share of the 2011 MMA was 29.2 percent with contracts valued at $87 million. Under the 2010 MMA the US supplied 93,719 MT or 28.6 per cent.

The Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) completed the tendering process for the 2011 Minimum Market Access (MMA) commitments for rice in early December 2011.

Korea purchased a total of 347,658 metric tons (MT) of rice from the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. The US share was 29.2 per cent, with contracts totaling 101,490 MT (milled) worth $87 million. The bulk of the US contracts, roughly 76,031 MT, were for brown rice (equivalent to 68,428 MT on milled basis) and the remaining 33,062 MT were for milled rice with delivery dates from January 2012 through June 2012.

The US Country Specific Quota (CSQ) totaled 50,076 MT. In addition, the United States successfully supplied 51,414 MT or 34 per cent of the total Global Quota (GQ) of 151,460 MT, followed by China with 44,911 MT or 30 per cent, Thailand with 20,694 MT or 14 per cent, Vietnam with 19,441 MT or 13 per cent and Myanmar with 15,000 MT or 10 percent on a milled basis.

The Australian government announced that it would not fulfill its CSQ obligation due to six consecutive years of severe droughts. As a result, the Korean government converted the Australia CSQ into GQ with tendering opening in November 2011.

The United States and Vietnam were awarded the reallocated global quota of 9,030 MT (milled). The United States sold 4,589 MT of No. 1 grade medium grains for table purpose and Vietnam sold 4,441 MT of broken rice (US #4 Brewer’s milled rice) for processing purpose.

Additional details on the tender results are included in the table at the end of the report.

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