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Italy: USDA Agricultural Updates

01 March 2012
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

ITALY - A report submitted to the Italian Parliament indicates that public funds are being used to promote fraudulent “Made in Italy” food products.

Specifically, the report notes that one-half of the so-called “Made in Italy” products sold are not produced in Italy with Italian ingredients.

The report also highlights Paolo De Castro's re-election as chair of the parliamentary committee for agriculture and rural development for an additional two and a half years.

De Castro, recognised as an expert in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), is widely respected by the EU and international community. He is both a technical trade and policy expert and supports agricultural innovation, including biotech.

This year marks the common agricultural policy (CAP) 50th anniversary.

Reforms of the system are currently underway reducing import controls and transferring subsidy to land stewardship rather than specific crop production.

However, the EU can no longer afford the luxury to hand out CAP payments. A reformed CAP will now play a key role in supporting growth and job creation, and the EC has proposed doubling of Community funding for research and innovation in the European agro-foods sector.

Further Reading

- You can view the full report by clicking here.

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