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Copa-Cogeca Release Cereals Figures. Call For Urgent Drought Measures

04 April 2012

Copa-Cogeca released new EU-27 cereals estimates for the 2012/13 marketing year this week, claiming EU production is expected to remain quite stable this year, but in view of drought and frost kill, this could easily change.

In view of the situation, Copa-Cogeca calls on the EU Commission to introduce urgent measures to help farmers get through this difficult period and to maintain EU production capacity.

The move came after Copa-Cogeca cereals working party assessed the situation. Ian Backhouse, Chairman of the Working Party stressed “In Southern Europe, the drought is severe and only 30 per cent of the EU cereals area is likely to be cultivated. We expect the extra-cost to re-sow the crop to reach around €200 million. We consequently urge the Commission to introduce measures for farmers to help them get through this difficult period and to maintain the production capacity of the EU, such as through advance payments and facilitating approval of state aid.

Mr Backhouse continued "Crops are also suffering from frost kill, causing farmers to plan to re-sow their areas which will increase their costs further. Unfortunately, due to the lack of seeds available, farmers will not be in position to plant what the market needs. The exemption for farmers to use farm saved seed in order to alleviate the lack of commercialised seed will help."

Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen concluded: "After one year of the G20 decision, which aimed to increase transparency on the world commodities market, we are still facing huge uncertainty on world demand which gives no clear market signal to farmers. The situation must be improved."

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