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Pakistan to Beat Own Cotton Production Record

05 April 2012

PAKISTAN - Pakistan has beaten its own highest cotton production record of 14.3 million bales of year 2004 and may touch 15 million bales mark as the country’s ginneries record arrival of over 14.6 million bales so far this season.

According to the Pakistan Observer, a fortnightly report of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) says, over 14.6 million or 14,670,338 bales of cotton have reached ginneries till April 1, 2012 and PCGA chairman Amanullah Qureshi hope it may touch 15 million bales mark or remain slightly below it this year, thanks to good cotton production and cultivation of registered Bt cotton varieties.

The arrival figures show a 26.39 per cent increase in Pakistan compared to the arrivals recorded during corresponding period of last year. The ginneries in Sindh have received 2.67 million or 2,679,059 bales showing a shortfall by 29.39 per cent this year.

The shortfall in Sindh was attirbuted to heavy rains and floods that badly damaged cotton fields. In Punjab, 11.99 million or 11,991,279 bales have reached ginneries showing a decent percentage increase of 53.47 per cent. Total 14.646 million or 14,646,496 bales have been ginned so far.

Total 14.1 million or 14,100,846 bales were sold out including over million or 1,060,076 bales of cotton to exporters and another over 13 million 0r 13,040,770 bales to textile mills. A stock of over half a million bales or 569,492 bales was lying as unsold stock.

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