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Varieties for all at Cereals 2012

01 May 2012

UK - Whatever combinable crops they grow, visitors to Cereals 2012 are almost guaranteed to find the varieties they need to boost productivity next season.

Whether it’s a new wheat or oilseed rape to better suit their farm or a different barley or pea to secure a particular market, farmers will be spoiled for choice by the hundreds of varieties on show in crop plots across the site.

There’s also a good selection for sugar beet growers at the event, which takes place on at Patrick Dean Ltd’s land at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire on 13 and 14 June.

“With so much choice out there, Cereals is a great place to seek out expert advice to find the new varieties that deliver on all fronts,” says event director Jon Day. HGCA has 155 Recommended List varieties available for inspection this year. Almost 40% are candidates, giving a useful preview of what might be filling drills before long. There will be 30-45 minute guided tours of the wheat and barley plots, plus a new tour on varieties suitable for export as milling wheat. A short market outlook by the Market Intelligence team will take place before each wheat tour.

HGCA is aiming to produce a downloadable oilseed rape plot tour so visitors can view crops at their leisure. The MP3 will be available at about a week before the event.

Further information on a selection of winter wheat and oilseed rape RL varieties and candidates is available on the NIAB TAG stand, where a team of specialists has the latest advice and recommendations.

Monsanto breeding programme Dekalb is displaying 16 high-performance oilseed rape varieties including five up-and-coming varieties from the company’s hybrid programme. Foremost is newly recommended DK ExPower, plus candidates DK Excellium and DK ExStorm and two new varieties launched at Cereals - DK Extrovert and DK Explicit. “All deliver reliable year-in, year-out performance,” says Dekalb’s Will Miller.

Three recommended conventional varieties and three low-biomass varieties, including two Clearfield varieties, as well as speciality oil types, will also be shown.

Limagrain is growing three high-yielding Group 4 wheats up for recommendation. Coronation is a first or second wheat with a yield similar to Oakley, says breeder Ron Granger. “Very high specific weight and Hagberg means there may be export interest or use in domestic grists.”

Myriad is a soft Group 4 with similar yield and orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance. Revelation, another soft, scores 9 for yellow and brown rust resistance and suits early drilling.

Spring barley Momentum has very high yield potential and should suit brewing and distilling. New sugar beet Pamina is resistant to beet cyst nematode and Rhizomania and is up for recommendation in 2013.

Pioneer is showing three candidates for the 2013/14 oilseed rape RL, all available for sowing this autumn. PT211 and PT206 are normal-height high-output hybrids, and PX104 is a Maximus semi-dwarf hybrid setting a new yield performance level of 107, says the company’s Andy Stainthorpe. Three Clearfield winter oilseed rape hybrids are also on show.

RAGT will have three candidate wheats on their stand. Cougar is a very high-yielding soft Group 4 candidate, resistant to OWBM, which should perform well as a second wheat.

Stablemate Chronicle is a hard milling feed wheat, stiff and early maturing with good overall disease resistance. Qi is a slower-developing, stiff-strawed type producing high yields of soft feed grain.

New high-output wheats from KWS include KWS Kielder and KWS Croft, a soft wheat with Oakley-like yields. Four other new candidates with strong agronomic characteristics are also being grown. A brace of two-row barleys, KWS Discovery and KWS Glacier up for UK recommendation this year, look set to lift barley yields to new levels, says barley breeder David Harrap.

Oilseed rape KWS Quartz has a gross output of 108% and claims an unbeatable stem canker rating for a conventional variety. Seed will be widely available this autumn. Senova’s three candidate cereals include Havana, bred by Blackman Agriculture. This potential hard Group 4 feed wheat is OWBM resistant and is said to have very high yield potential and excellent disease ratings.

Talisman is the highest yielding winter barley candidate variety, with malting potential. It resists barley yellow mosaic virus (BYMV). Magellan, a potential malting spring barley, has the highest specific weight of all candidates and good resistance to mildew and Syngenta is showing its new winter malting barley variety, SY Venture, which has BYMV resistance. It has a C1 seed launch this summer.

Two hybrid oilseed rape varieties make their debut. SY Fighter has a short, easily managed canopy and SY Alister is a high-yielding clubroot-resistant variety with good light leaf spot resistance.

Syngenta’s new sugar beet variety SY Muse joins the 2013 Recommended List and will be available to plant next spring. It has a three-year mean of 113.6 adjusted tonnes/ha, says the company’s Richard Powell.

SESVanderHave is offering new variety Pitbull to tackle the growing menace of beet cyst nematode. “If you’ve more than 10-15 per cent BCN infection in the fuels then you want to plant a good tolerant variety like this,” says general manager Ian Munnery. DSV is demonstrating seven main oilseed rape varieties including new candidate varieties Troy and Marathon.

Semi-dwarf Troy is up for recommendation in November 2012, and is said to outperform all the controls and most varieties in trial, while its compact growth habit helps to ensure high-speed combining.

Fellow candidate Marathon is currently the highest yielding variety in trials for the East and West region and has a high oil content.

About 27,000 visitors and 470 exhibitors are expected to attend Cereals 2012. Tickets cost £22 each (£18 for students) and are available at Visitors qualify for 2 NRoSO points and 4 BASIS points for attending either day. For further information on Cereals 2012 go to

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