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Iberian Peninsula Faces a Difficult Weather Season

02 July 2012

IBERIAN PENINSULA - Average temperature accumulation in Europe north of 50 deg latitude with warm days end of May followed by a fresh June. Persistently high temperatures and above-average temperature accumulation in June for all countries bordering the Black Sea as well as Spain and Italy.

Well above-average precipitation in the British Isles, most of France, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria, dry conditions in Spain, Maghreb, eastern Italy, northern Germany and southern Ukraine.

Compared to our last Bulletin the forecast for total cereals increased mainly due to an increase of the maize yield due to favourable growing conditions in the main producing countries, but at the same time some concern is raised for Bulgaria and Romania with heat waves forecast.

Despite the increase of soft wheat yield for France and Germany a small decrease compared to the last Bulletin is forecast at EU 27 level, because forecasts have been considerably lowered for Spain by more than 10 per cent.

Also durum wheat yield is lowered at EU 27 level mainly caused by a further decrease of yields in Spain by 20 per cent from the last Bulletin.

Total barley shows a reduction at EU 27 level as a result of a decrease of spring barley forecasts mainly in Spain that is only partially compensated by the yields revised up for Germany and France. EU 27 rye forecast increased as the forecast for Poland was revised up.

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