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Promising Outlook for France Winter Crops

02 July 2012

FRANCE - Abundant rainfall and temperature increases during May and June depict a promising scenario for winter and spring cereals.

Meteorological conditions in the study period (May 15th to June 15th) have been beneficial for crops. In practically all the territory, cumulated rainfall exceeded slightly the seasonal values, with Rhone-Alps, Centre, Auvergne and Limousin being the regions with the highest precipitation rates received.

Moreover, average daily temperatures were higher by 1 - 2°C than average, describing a rather favourable scenario for winter and spring cereals, currently at the grain filling stage.

Consequently, the outlook for soft wheat is quite positive. The agronomic indicators from crop models show an accumulation of biomass in the storage organs significantly higher than average in the main producer regions. An adequate water supply during grain formation is guaranteed by the rainfall occurred.

The scenario is promising as well for spring barley which this year is grown on a record-large area, given that it has been used in North East regions as replacement to winter varieties after the frost kill in February.

However, the final yield of cereals can still be considerably influenced by meteorological conditions around maturity and harvest (such as heavy rainfall events or extreme temperatures). Therefore the weather between the end of June and July will be critical to confirm the positive evolution observed up to date.

Sunflower and maize are currently in the vegetative development phase, with leaf area production close to seasonal values for both crops. Thanks to the latest rain, no water constraints are foreseen in the following weeks, and therefore flowering should start at favourable conditions.

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