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Italian Farmers: 'Say Yes to GMOs or Agriculture Will Suffer'

19 July 2012
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

ITALY - 200 Italian scientists and farmers have written an appeal to President Napolitano and Prime Minister Monti. The letter specifically asks that Italy be given the possibility to compete in agriculture, both scientifically and economically, by putting a stop to the anti-GM (genetically modified) policy in Italy.

“Without research and innovation in agriculture Italian farming is going to disappear. Italian farms must be able to compete in the global market, and, without product innovation, this is not possible," the letter states.

Most of the food that Italy imports contains GMOs. Without GM feed, “Made in Italy” would not exist.

Italy’s geographic indicators make extensive use of GM feed. The letter also points out the apparent contradiction between the prohibition of GM research, the cultivation, and the import of large quantities of GM feed.

The Italian scientific community has clearly expressed the usefulness and safety of GMOs, calling for further research and testing of these products in the open field.

The petition has been signed by 200 people, including Silvio Garattini, Umberto Veronesi, Luciano Maiani, Chiara Tonelli, Umberto Tirelli, Elena Cattaneo, Felice Cervone, Alberto Mantovani, Bruno Dalla Piccola, Carlo Alberto Redi, Piergiorgio Strata, Giulio Cossu, Luigi Rossi, Franco Nulli, Silvano Dalla Libera, Deborah Piovan, Duilio Campagnolo, and Marco Pasti.

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