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Good Prospects for Denmark, Sweden Winter Crops

26 July 2012

DENMARK & SWEDEN - Wet conditions and temperatures close to seasonal values allowing favourable growth conditions, but drier weather is needed to maintain the positive forecast for winter and spring crops.

During the observation period, from 21 June until 15 July, temperatures around the long-term average (LTA) were recorded. In this period rainfall was more than 50 per cent above average in Denmark, and more than 100 per cent above average in most of Sweden, mainly in Östra Mellansverige.

Cumulated active temperatures (Tbase = 0oC) have been higher than average in Denmark and Sweden, and winter crop development stages are advanced in Denmark and in Södra Sverige. Winter crops are reaching ripening stage and growing conditions have remained favourable.

According to our model, wheat and barley shows above-average storage organ accumulation and yield estimates are higher than the average of the previous years.

Rapeseed has reached maturity slightly in advance and yield is still expected to be higher than previous years. Spring barley is at grain filling stage in Denmark and southern Sweden, with growth conditions around the average of the last years. The growth conditions have been favourable for potato and sugar beet and cumulated biomass is slightly above the average for both crops.

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