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Grain Filling of German Winter Cereals Benefitted from Rain

01 August 2012
Information from: MARS BULLETIN – EC - JRC

GERMANY - Rainfall assures adequate grain-filling for cereals and partly compensates for the dry spring. Yield forecasts are revised up for winter cereals now at five years average level. Rapeseed is expected to yield below the five years average. Prospects for root crops and maize are good, reports MARS Bulletins Europe.

The weather from 21 June until 15 July was rather unsettled in central and northern Germany. Temperatures remained low with average values mostly below 20 degrees resulting in below average temperature accumulation. A deficit of incoming radiation is recorded as well.

More stable weather conditions prevailed in southern Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Bayern and parts of Sachsen) with seasonal temperatures and sunshine duration leading to a surplus of accumulated temperatures. Rainfall was abundant for the whole country and distributed over a high amount of rainy days. Also the regions which were previously too dry now received abundant rainfall. Due to the unstable atmospheric conditions some of the rainfall events were rather heavy with strong thunderstorms causing some flooding locally.

These weather conditions translate into good growing conditions during the grain filling and ripening for winter cereals in the south, whereas average conditions characterize the remaining part of the country. Consequently yields winter cereals.

Soft wheat and rye are still at ripening whereas the winter barley harvest has just started and a couple of dry days is now needed. Rape seed, which is ripening earlier did benefit from the rain to a lesser extent, especially in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern and Brandenburg where the dry conditions in spring diminished the yield potential. Rape seed yield is forecast below the five years average.

Root crops benefited from the rain in June and show good prospects for the coming harvest. Maize is still in the vegetative phase, soil moisture contents all over the country are satisfying and the warm weather in the south accelerated the crop growth. An adequate leaf area expansion is simulated for all the main maize producing regions.


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